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Chondrometrics GmbH has a close partnership with Paracelsus Medical University, PMU, a private medical school in Austria founded in 2003. By tight integration with the Institute of Anatomy and Musculoskeletal Research, Chondrometrics and its employees maintain their roots in academic research, providing the company with a strong basis for innovation and validation of quantitative imaging biomarkers. The University's namesake Paracelsus (1493-1541) was a visionary pioneer of modern medicine and organic chemistry, who lived in Salzburg for parts of his life.


Chondrometrics GmbH also formed a strategic alliance and close collaboration with
Boston Imaging Core Lab, BICL LLC in 2009, in order to broaden and advance the capability for offering imaging biomarker analysis to osteoarthritis researchers in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.
BICL was founded in June 2007 by three Academic Radiologists from Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA and is a leading provider of semi-quantitative radiological reading services for joint tissues affected by osteoarthritis, based on advanced radiological scoring systems. BICL's president, Dr Ali Guermazi, also is Section Chief of Musculoskeletal Radiology at the Department of Radiology, Boston University School of Medicine.

Together, both companies offer a comprehensive portfolio of quantitative and semi-quantitative imaging biomarkers, to permit their clients to detect risk factors in clinical trials with higher efficiency and to accelerate the development of disease modifying drugs, particularly for osteoarthritis and other joint diseases.


Chondrometrics GmbH has partnered with Haefner Industrieberatung (Vienna, Berlin, Fürstenfeld; in 2010, to optimize its quality management system, and to gain ISO certification and regulatory compliance with regard to its operations and software platform.
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